About JCL: What We Do



The ability to read fluently is essential for success in life. Yet, only 28% of children who completed third grade in California public schools achieved reading proficiency on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test in 2015. Proficiency in reading by the end of third grade is a crucial marker in a child’s educational development. It’s when children shift from ‘learning to read,’ to ‘reading to learn.’ If kids can’t read by the end of third grade, they are much more likely to drop out of school in later years, limiting their options for the rest of their lives. To learn more about the importance of third grade reading, read this study (and this update) from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.




Jewish Coalition for Literacy school tutors provide one-on-one reading support for struggling readers (grades K-3) from low-income homes. We work in TITLE I schools with large numbers of English Learner students, where most students qualify for free or reduced price lunches and underperform on state tests. We conduct workshops for parents with limited English skills to help them better engage their children in the reading process and make stories come alive. We also donate high-quality books and other reading materials to JCL students and their parents so they can read together at home.

The classrooms in which we work are:

  • 47% Hispanic/Latino

  • 15% Asian

  • 13% African American

  • 16% Caucasian (non-Hispanic)

  •   9% Other